Fenugreek Seeds , Trigonella ,  foenum-graecum حلبة
Fenugreek Seeds , Trigonella ,  foenum-graecum حلبة
Fenugreek Seeds , Trigonella ,  foenum-graecum حلبة
Fenugreek Seeds , Trigonella ,  foenum-graecum حلبة
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Fenugreek Seeds , Trigonella , foenum-graecum حلبة

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Fenugreek Seeds
fenugreek has long been used as a remedy and as a supplement. It's been shown to increase uterine contractions during labor, increase milk production in lactating women, help relieve menopause symptoms, improve glucose tolerance in diabetic patients, reduce cholesterol levels, improve libido, reduce fever and flu symptoms, improve skin problems and soothe digestive complaints including heartburn, gastric inflammation, and reflux. It's also touted as an appetite stimulant and therefore may be used to help gain weight.
The fenugreek has great health benefits and can be drunk like tea and can be used in food dishes.
In the Middle East, there are sweets called fenugreek.
Fenugreek is a spice whose seeds have been used since millennia. Fenugreek, has made a permanent place for itself in many households.
Fenugreek seeds are strongly aromatic and flavorful.
Traditionally, fenugreek seeds have been used as a condiment to promote better health and as a potent hair potion.
But recent research indicates that they can do much more than that.
From adding flavor to dishes to inducing labor, fenugreek seeds have had diverse benefits for your skin, hair, and health.

Fenugreek is cultivated widely in India, Pakistan, Morocco, France and Argentina and is a dominate ingredient in curry powders not limited to curries,
but also used in chutneys, lentil dishes, pickles, and vegetables.
Its bitter and sweet flavor is used in soups, dals, bean and vegetable dishes, and fish and seafood dishes.Originated from India Whole Fenugreek Seeds are very powerful in flavor ranging from bitter to sharp similar to sweet celery
Nutritional profile
Per 100 g, fenugreek leaves provide 210 kilojoules (49 kcal)
and contain 89% water, 6% carbohydrates, 4% protein and less than
1% fat, with calcium at 40% of the Daily Value (DV, table).
Fenugreek seeds (per 100 g) are rich sources of protein (46% of DV),
dietary fibre (98% DV), B vitamins, iron (186% DV) and several other dietary minerals
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