Great offers and deals

Real Big Deals & Offers

1) Some offers in this section, There are products that you can buy from one list
that have a great offer and a low price .
* For example, there is a list that contains eyeliner, cream and lipstick. You can buy all these products from one list at a lower price than buying these products separately .

2) And Some of the offers in this section : BUY 2 & GET ( 1 OR 2 ) FREE
Explanation of offers: When you BUY 2 of these lists, you will automatically receive 3 OR 4 Pcs .

*According to the offer written in the product and each product has a different offer

~ This offers is real~

FAQ:  must visit any list of these lists
And buy two pieces of the same list even if two colors
or two different forms ... You will get three pieces
Offer not valid upon purchase from two different listings
For example when you buy one piece eyeliner
and buy one piece soap

But don't worry when you buy different products
or many products from our store
when we see that there is space in shipping
We put gift with buyer orders
Or we increase the quantity to buyer