Organic cloves Whole Dried ( Syzygium aromaticum ) قرنفل
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Organic cloves Whole Dried ( Syzygium aromaticum ) قرنفل

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Organic cloves Whole Dried قرنفل clove

The scientific name ( Syzygium aromaticum )
Used by many cultures as a spice, cloves have also had a place in traditional medicine around the world for centuries. People have traditionally used it for digestive issues, intestinal worms, respiratory illnesses and even as an aphrodisiac. Modern science has approved the use of cloves for diabetes and cancer prevention and has recognized its anti-fungal properties and role in oral health. Both the leaves of the clove plant and the clove buds commonly used as spices have been found to have significant benefits.

Gain These Clove Health Benefits the Flavorful Way
Cloves are used in the culinary world as a spice for different dishes and pastries. They add a sweet and earthy taste to desserts, stews and meats. But aside from their use in the culinary world, they can be utilized as a treatment for numerous conditions and ailments as well. Some of the health benefits you can get include:
• Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The high amounts of eugenol, a compound with both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, can help your body deal with infections and inflammation. Cloves also contain kaempferol and rhamnetin, flavonoids that share the same properties as eugenol.
• Aids in treating colds. As an expectorant, cloves can help reduce inflammation and expel mucus. They help reduce coughing fits by soothing the throat.7
• Boosts immune system function. Cloves contain high amounts of antioxidants, which aid the immune system in fighting off oxidative damage and free radicals. Eugenol also has the ability to help ease infections and fight disease-causing bacteria in the body.8
• Treats oral diseases. Aside from freshening your breath, cloves can help treat oral conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis. The antibacterial property of cloves helps minimize the spread of bacteria inside the mouth.
• Promotes digestion. Cloves promote the production of gastric acids, which help in better digestion of food. They minimize indigestion and dyspepsia, as well as reduce gas pressure in the stomach, lessening discomfort.9
Alternative Ways You Can Use Cloves
The importance of clove as a spice transcends its flavor and aroma. Some of the alternative uses for cloves include the following:
• Acne buster. Because of the eugenol found in cloves, cloves can be used to help prevent acne breakouts. You can make a mask with ground cloves, honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep it on your face for around 20 minutes and then rinse.10
• Mouthwash. If you're tired of the chemical aftertaste that mouthwashes leave in your mouth, you can switch to cloves as an all-natural alternative. Cloves not only will freshen your breath, but will give you anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits as well. Natural clove mouthwashes usually consist of a mixture of equal amounts of water, cloves and other herbs like rosemary and mint.11
• Toothache remedy. Clove oil can be used as a natural painkiller for toothaches. This is because of its natural anesthetic property that helps alleviate pain and discomfort that arise from cavities and other dental and gum problems.
• Altitude sickness relief. Mountaineers, climbers and other sportsmen usually suffer from altitude sickness because of the sudden change in atmospheric pressure. Taking 2 cups of a clove infusion can help relieve altitude sickness by thinning the blood and improving the oxygen supply to the brain.12
• Air freshener. For a more natural and safer alternative to chemical-based fresheners, you can make your own all-natural air deodorizer with oranges and cloves. Boil orange peels with a few pieces of cloves in water and let it simmer. The scent will get rid of uninvited smells and pungent odors in your home.13
You can also put a few pieces of cloves inside a clean sock and use it to freshen up musty closets and drawers. It will leave your clothes smelling sweet and fresh.14

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